How We Add Value

We have deep understanding of U.S. based hedge fund operations, financial instruments, risk, portfolio management, and reporting.​

Why Hedge Funds Choose Cognivo?

We bring an unparalleled combination of functional expertise and specialized industry knowledge to all of our clients. Our combination of deep technology expertise and our extensive domain knowledge of the capital markets and hedge fund operations is unique to Cognivo.

Hedge Fund Risk & Portfolio Management Systems Upgrade

Deep Domain Knowledge of Capital Markets​

We have over sixteen years of experience working on both buy and sell side of capital markets. We have deep understanding of hedge fund operations, financial instruments (such as equities, derivatives, commodities, and currency), U.S. regulations, risk management, portfolio management, and reporting.

Hedge Fund Technology Strategy for Long Term Growth

Sixteen Years of Experience Developing Financial Technology

We have over sixteen years of experience implementing customized software and data solutions for a wide range of capital markets firms to help them, (a) Improve alpha, (b) Minimize portfolio risk, (c) Enhance operational efficiency, and (d) Facilitate decision making.

US Based Operations

All of our operations are based in the United States. Our clients feel it is an advantage to having a business partner who works under the same legal jurisdiction. Our clients know that their Intellectual Property (IP), and other sensitive business information is protected. We speak your language and understand the same work culture. Equally important to our clients is proximity, which allows for face-to-face and closer collaboration.

Hardeep Mehta

Hardeep Mehta

Hardeep Mehta is Cognivo’s founder and managing director. He founded the firm with the goal of providing hedge funds access to his vast knowledge and experience with applying financial technology solutions within the capital markets industry. He has experience working with clients to set a strategic vision for how technology and process automation can improve their alpha as well as provide operational efficiency and accuracy. He also has the hands-on experience to ensure that the design, development and implementation of this strategic vision is realized for the firm’s clients.

As an award-winning business leader with over sixteen years of technology experience, Hardeep has a proven track record of providing strategic technology advice, combined with innovative, scalable, software and data solutions to both buy and sell side firms within the capital markets industry. With deep knowledge of financial instruments, such as equities, derivatives, commodities, and currency, as well as US regulations, risk management, portfolio management, and reporting, he is able to provide clients with some of the most highly customized and efficient solutions in the industry.

Before founding Cognivo, Hardeep worked as a technical and management lead for companies such as Bridgewater Associates, Morgan Stanley, and Interactive Brokers. He lead the design, development, and implementation of Interactive Brokers’ highly-acclaimed PortfolioAnalyst, which received a 5-Star rating by Barron’s magazine on several occasions over the past decade. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and graduated magna cum.

Our Guiding Principles

Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional value for our clients every single day. These three leading principles help us stay true to this primary goal.

Client Success

Our client’s success is our main goal, and we take pride in it.

Open Flow Of Ideas

We believe in open flow of ideas and thoughts within Cognivo and with our clients.

Seamless Technology

We stay on top of the latest technology trends to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.